24GHz Radar Speed Monitor

Based on our Sense2GoL radar evaluation board

In this project we use a 24GHz radar sensor to detect the speed of a moving object.
The sensor module is completely covered by the front panel as the radar signal simply shoots through it.
This way you can also do prensence detection in smart homes with an invisible sensor.
Our speed monitor is equipped with a Sense2GoL radar evaluation board and a XMC2Go microcontroller.The radar board is measuring the velocity of an object in front of the monitor while the XMC takes care of setting a two digit 7-segment display.
Summary of Features
  • velocity sensing based on 24Ghz radar
  • two 7-segment digital display
  • fully covered (invisible) sensor module

How to build one

Start with building the wooden frame and glue the two display panels in. We cut the parts with a laser, you can also use traditional tools for manufacturing. The files can be found below.

After the Box is ready glue the electronics into the box.

Connect the boards as shown below.

A more detailed description can be found in the application note below.


Laser cut files


Image Board Family Description Status
   DEMO SENSE2GOL  Radar  Infineon radar demo board based on the BGT24LTR11– Doppler (motion, speed, and direction of movement detection)
  • BGT24LTR11
  • XMC1300
   KIT_XMC_2GO_XMC1100_V1  Microcontroller  The XMC 2Go Kit with XMC1100 is maybe the world’s smallest, fully featured Microcontroller Evaluation Kit showcasing - XMC1100 (ARM® Cortex™-M0 based) - On-board J-Link Lite Debugger (Realized with XMC4200 Microcontroller) - Power over USB (Micro USB) - ESD and reverse current protection - 2 x user LED - Pin Header 2x8 Pins suitable for Breadbord
  • XMC1100
  • XMC4200
 active and preferred


Tools & Software