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An interactive animation about solar and wind energy, electric vehicles and data centers. Get insights into the world of semiconductors and their contribution to decarbonization.

Making green energy happen

Semiconductors are vital to decarbonization

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. To slow down global warming, we need to rethink how we generate and consume energy. Facing significant structural changes in supply and demand, we are in the middle of an energy transition with a strong need for action.

To reach a net zero economy by 2050 we have to swiftly replace fossil fuels in power generation with renewable, clean and secure sources. At the same time technologies powered by fossil-fuels must be replaced by electrified applications such as those seen in electric vehicles or heat pumps. Microelectronics plays a decisive role in respective applications.

Infineon’s semiconductor solutions enable the provision of green energy as well as the electrification of applications in the industrial, mobility and consumer sectors. Our semiconductor solutions are vital to decarbonization, they are key elements in creating a better future.

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