Infineon for Makers

Find the right tools, services, kits, shields & boards to realize your project idea – whether you’re starting from scratch, looking at an existing concept from a fresh angle or redesigning a cool demo.

Infineon4Makers provides a solution and evaluation platform for engineers, maker professionals, hobbyists and technical enthusiasts to help turn innovative ideas into real design blueprints. Here you will find a wide range of information resources, a broad product portfolio and easy-to-use tools, including application boards, shields and 2Go kits – all designed to inspire and accelerate your design process.
You can also join our newsletter community, where our makers will be sharing their innovative insights, recent “do-it-yourself” success stories and best practices so you can take your idea to fully functional solution with the backing of a broad pool of experts. With our rich repository of modular, flexible and easy-to-use prototyping tools, you can transition your application concept to simulation in a matter of minutes. So team up with the Infineon4Makers platform today and fast-track your bright ideas to market.

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