OptiMOS™ TOLx package family

 Addressing high-power (TOLL), better TCoB robustness (TOLG), superior thermal performance (TOLT)

TOLL (TO-Leadless)

TO-Leadless is optimized to handle currents of up to 300 A, increasing power density with a substantial reduction in footprint. A footprint reduction of 30 percent compared to D2PAK, together with a height reduction of 50 percent, results in an overall space saving of 60 percent enabling much more compact designs.

TOLG (TO-Leaded with gullwing)

TOLG package offers a compatible footprint to the TO-Leadless package with the additional feature of gullwing leads resulting in 2x higher TCoB performances compared to TO-Leadless. This package is excellent in performance on aluminum insulated metal substrate boards (Al-IMS).

TOLT (TO-Leaded Top-side cooling)

TOLT is the TO-Leaded top-side cooling package within the TOLx family. With top-side cooling, the drain is exposed at the surface of the package allowing for 95 percent of the heat to be dissipated directly to the heatsink, achieving 20% better RthJA and 50 percent improved RthJC compared to the TOLL package. With bottom-side cooling packages, like the TOLL or the D2PAK, the heat is dissipated via the PCB to the heatsink resulting in high power losses.

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