Multilevel Class D Audio Amplifier ICs

MERUS™ multilevel class D audio MA2304DNS & MA2304PNS

Audio amplifier with 10x better power consumption enables many design possibilities

The MERUS™ class D audio 2nd generation amplifier improves battery life by 30 percent, reduces EMI, and saves system cost. The MA2304DNS and MA2304PNS are a family of  2×37 W audio amplifiers that feature the MERUS™ multilevel switching amplifier technology which enables unmatched power efficiency at both low and high output power. Multilevel switching also relaxes EMC requirements and enables inductor‑less applications with lower cost. A high order internal feedback loop ensures low THD and high PSRR for excellent audio performance.

The integrated DSP in the MA2304DNS is highly configurable and can be used to correct for imperfections in real speaker applications with e.g. equalization, limiting and more. The MA2304PNS offers a simpler volume control and limiter, for systems where an application/connectivity processor does the audio processing.

Infineon package image VQFN 40 6x6mm