Introduction to Infineon's 600V e-Mode CoolGaN™

The enhancement mode concept offers fast turn-on and turn-off speed as well as a better path towards integration either on a chip or package level. CoolGaN™ enables simpler and more cost effective half-bridge topologies.

Enhancement mode is more suitable for multi-chip integration. As enhancement modebased solutions reach maturity, ease-of-use and solution costs will make them the more prominent solution.

The 600V CoolGaN™ series is realised according to a specific, GaN-tailored qualification process which goes well beyond the standards for silicon power devices.

600V CoolGaN™ is tailored for telecom, datacom and server SMPS as well as most of other industrial and consumer applications. It is the most robust and performing concept in the market. The CoolGaN™ portfolio is built around high performing SMD packages to fully exploit the benefits of GaN.

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