Introduction to Infineon's Combined Gallium Nitride-Based Technologies

Gallium Nitride (GaN) – in comparison to the best silicon alternative – will enable higher power density through the ability to switch at high frequencies, as well as achieving highest efficiency through novel topologies such as the totem pole PFC. Higher frequency operation can improve power density by shrinking the size of passive components as well as saving energy on cooling the whole system.

Gallium Nitride switch performance features low charge and excellent dynamic performance in reverse conduction compared to Silicon FET options, enabling more efficient operation in today´s applications at existing frequencies.

International Rectifier has developed cascode GaN switches with low-voltage FETs while Infineon has developed enhancement mode HEMT devices in partnership with Panasonic. Customers can now leverage the specific advantages of these Gallium Nitride technologies versus Silicon by application/system. At the same time, Infineon is committed to developing the necessary Surface Mount Device (SMD) packages and ICs to fully exploit the superior performance of GaN.

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Gallium Nitride