Achieve Zero CO2: Making E-Mobility Work with solutions from Infineon!

Faced with growing climate and regulatory pressures, the automotive industry is investing billions into advancing electromobility, launching an impressive number of new electric and hybrid cars every year. Moving forward, we can expect to see a rising number of electrified vehicles on the streets – ranging from mild and full hybrids through plug-in hybrids to fully electric cars. In this decade, we will reach the point where the majority of all newly produced cars worldwide have a partially or fully electric powertrain. Up to 50 percent of all vehicles are expected to be driven by a partially or fully electric powertrain by 2030[1].

[1] Source IHS 

Spotlight on Infineon – electromobility pioneer and enabler


As a world leader in automotive electronics, Infineon’s semiconductors are at the heart of vehicle electrification and the enabling infrastructure. They are helping to build energy efficiency into all steps of the energy supply chain and thus support all electrification scenarios. Our innovative portfolio has the right fit for all design challenges, extending from individual chips through discrete components to complete modules in silicon and silicon carbide technologies.

With our proven system approach and rich offering, we give carmakers a valuable edge in such a dynamic and competitive marketplace. Our scalable electromobility chipsets, including sensors, microcontrollers, gate drivers and power semiconductors, help to reduce system costs across all performance classes.

Customer empowerment through knowledge sharing

Customers around the world can rely on our local support teams to simplify design efforts and accelerate time-to-market for their e-mobility solutions.

Building on decades of experience in automotive semiconductors, we also know exactly what our customers need to transition towards electric drivetrains. Designed to give our customers peace of mind, our solutions are developed, manufactured and qualified exclusively for the automotive market and reach beyond common automotive industry standards. Our proven track record demonstrates that we systematically exceed the current AEC qualification standard to achieve zero defects over a product lifetime of 15-plus years.

In addition, as the largest and most reliable supplier of electromobility chips, we recently invested in our 300 mm plant in Villach to increase our manufacturing capacity in alignment with our customers’ business growth plans. Our volume capabilities and flexibility mean that we are ideally placed to meet our customers’ current and future electromobility business development strategies.

Discover our broad semiconductor portfolio for electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (xEV) along with our application solutions for key components such as the main inverter, the battery management system and the on-board charger (OBC).

End-to-end offering for vehicle electrification