Connect. Webinar Series: 30 minutes with tech experts

Once a month, March - June 2022

Take your career to the next level and register for a new webinar series at Infineon. Get unique insights into pioneering technologies and learn more about the materials SiC and GaN, unit process development and Silicon Carbide power devices. Don't miss exciting discussions about the latest achievements in technology. Join us once a month at 4 pm CEST. You can choose to participate just in one webinar or in the whole series.

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17 March

Unit Process Development – Create new processes and lead them to maturity

The production of a microelectronic device is separated into many thousands of processes, which need to be set up, modified and tested. The first webinar of the webinar series will outline Infineon’s metrology setup and gives insights into the process of creating high-quality epitaxial gallium nitride layers.

Speaker: Andreas Jamnig | Unit Process Development Engineer GaN Epitaxy

Infineon production sites are located worldwide and it is his part to make sure that the process delivers the same material, independent of the site it is used at.

Your benefits:

  • Learn about the main tasks of a Unit Process Development Engineer
  • Key issues about creating gallium nitride epitaxial layers

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21 April

Technology Development in GaN Based Power Devices

We will discuss why GaN is an interesting material for power electronics and look at some of the challenges in fabricating devices on GaN grown on non-native substrates in traditional Si fabs and look at some future directions.

Speaker: Nicholas Dellas | Lead Principal Engineer

His working field includes developing new devices and process technologies to enable industry leading high performance and highly reliable GaN based power devices.

Your benefits:

  • Explore the challenges that GaN faces
  • Learn what technology development engineers are working on to mature this technology

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19 May

Silicon Carbide Power Devices: Benefits, Device Concepts and Manufacturing Challenges

SiC offers superior material properties for power MOSFETs due to the larger band gap, critical field and thermal conductivity. The webinar will give an insight into the key benefits of SiC based devices and provide information on the main process technology differences and challenges of state-of-the-art SiC power MOSFETs.

Speaker: Gerald Rescher | Staff Engineer SiC Technology Development

In his working field he focuses on technology development of wide bandgap power devices based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) and used in high-power applications such as traction, solar converters, electric vehicles etc.

Your benefits:

  • Get insights on SiC-based MOSFETs device concepts
  • Learn about main process technology differences

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2 June

Being part of Infineon’s start into the GaN era

GaN is the upcoming material for fast switching low loss applications like in servers, telecom and mobile chargers. In the last webinar of “30 minutes with tech experts” you will learn which challenges arise from manufacturing devices with this novel material and how Infineon solves them by applying the most modern analysis tools and methods.

Speaker: Thomas Wübben | Project Director Technology and Innovation

As technical project leader he is responsible for converting midvoltage GaN technology and coordinating focus teams as well as data analyzing and risk management.

Your benefits:

  • Learn why GaN is so interesting as a material and important for future technologies
  • Get insights into the possibilities to contribute on an engineering and scientific level in a leading semiconductor company

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