Power supplies (SMPS)

As a power supply manufacturer, there are a variety of issues to resolve all at once. You face tighter specifications, increasingly shorter cycle times, higher cost pressure, and, for high power, the growing need to differentiate. The solution: state-of-the-art power supplies that fulfill the highest demands in terms of efficiency, power density and reliability.

Infineon meets your challenges head on. In our broad portfolio of German-quality semiconductor solutions, find the best products, demo boards and reference designs for switch mode power supplies. All this and more from the only supplier to offer a complete range of semiconductor products for your applications. Also, our team of experts has a deep understanding of your power supply systems and needs. Let us support you in achieving greater success.

Explore our wide portfolio of high-end products for switched mode power supply (SMPS) applications such as server power supply, telecom power supply, uninterruptible power supply, PC power supply, charger power supply, adapters, notebook power supply and TV power supply.

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