Complete Power Supply Reference Design for Xilinx Kintex, Virtex FPGAs & Zynq SoCs/MPSoCs

Highly Optimized and Flexible Design

Infineon and International Rectifier deliver an ideal DC/DC power supply solution for Xilinx® All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs & MPSoCs including Kintex®, Virtex® & Zynq®.  The complete power supply ensures high performance and system robustness in all aspects of the design.

  • Integrated Infineon & IR power stages deliver +90% highest efficiency and 1% Accuracy up to 40A to 85A in a tiny foot print
  • On-chip programmable MCU in Infineon multiphase controllers provides tremendous flexibility for your FPGA design
  • Adaptable DC/DC PoL designs via PMBus/I2C to rapidly changing design requirements
  • Scalable Designs for Controllers, Power Stages & Point of Load for Core, Platform & Serdes voltage rails of the FPGA/SoC
  • Integrated FET POL DC/DC POL from 3A to 35A, ideal for SERDES low ripple requirements of less than 10mV peak-peak
  • Compact, fully integrated IR PoL regulators deliver advanced power management programmability, margining, sequencing, and telemetry across multiple rails via PMBus
  • Extended telemetry and a broad range of robust protection features
  • Full PMBus 1.2 compliant command set for Advanced Digital Power designs
  • PowIRCenter GUI creates a full PoL design on PMBus across all devices simultaneously
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