The AURIX™ TC3xx Motor Control Application Kit offers an easy and cost-effective entry door for developing Motor control applications. It consists of a 3-phase motor control power board equipped with all assembly circuits required for sensor-based and sensorless-based field-oriented control (FOC), as well as for block commutation control. It includes an AURIX™ TC387 application kit TFT, 3-phase motor control Power board, a BLDC motor with encoder, Power supply, and pre-flashed SW. 

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Summary of Features:


  • TC387 Application Kit with TFT Display incl. safety supply TLF35584
  • eMotor Power board:
    • 3-phase motor control power board with TLE9180D-31QK 3-phase gate driver IC, MOSFET power stage, and auxiliary components

Driving of a three phase PMSM / BLDC (12 V, max. 50 W)

    • Sensing of motor position with resolver, encoder or Hall sensors
    • High-side and Low-side DC-link current sensing
    • Phase current sensing with two or three shunts in ground path
    • Sensing of DC-link and phase voltages
    • Configuration / Diagnostic via SPI (TLE9180D-31QK)
    • Low power status LED
    • PCB dimensions: 100mm x 120mm
  • BLDC Motor from Nanotec with Encoder:
    • NANOTEC DB42S02-KHIT BLDC motor
    • WEDL5541-B14-KIT incremental encoder


  • Field oriented control (FOC) algorithm using 3-phase current sensing (EVADC) to control the torque of the motor, encoder as position sensor (GPT12) and AURIX™ GTM as PWM generator:
    • Flexible configuration
    • Commands and monitoring via TFT touch screen
    • GUI (OneEye) for easy access to the microcontroller


  • Everything you need to start developing in one package, enabling fast prototyping and minimizing R&D resources
  • Access to AURIX™ TC3xx family features, including high computing performance of AURIX™ TC387, multi-core architecture, flexibility, scalability, integrated safety and security support
  • Application Notes for Hardware and Software available