Field Application Engineer

Our Field Application Engineers are the bridge between our Infineon products and their application in our customers' products. Saskia Pfersich from Munich tells us, what it is like to work in this job.

"What I like most about my work? It is very varied – I love that! I like to respond spontaneously and I really value the personal contact with my customers."
"I support the customer to develop their software on our chips." Saskia Pfersich, Field Application Engineer in Munich for Chipcard.

Overview: Tasks & Requirements

As a Field Application Engineer, you are the link between development, customer and sales. Your goal is to generate technical solutions and successfully implement them at the customer. You will use existing products and concepts to work out system solutions for customers. 

This requires in-depth knowledge of the product: You are familiar with all of the details from development to testing through to the sales strategy. As you will have direct contact with customers, you must have excellent communication skills.

Your tasks consist of:

  • Developing technical solutions for our customers

  • by working out product solutions for application and system requirements

  • Discussing the product definition with the customer

  • Establishing and maintaining customer relations


You have the following skills: 

  • Ability to identify requirements before the customer does

  • Technical degree

  • Very good communication and moderation skills

  • Fluent in German and English

Saskia Pfersich, Field Application Engineer in Munich

I support our customers in developing their operating systems on our semiconductors, so in my case, on Security Controller. During the development phase of the customer’s operating system, I’m in contact with their development department - either on the phone or on-site. I do product training, answer questions about the software development environment or about our documentation or take suggestions for new product developments. There’s no such thing as a routine day: I mainly respond to customer inquiries and rarely know in the morning how my work day will go.

In Field Application Engineering we’re customer focused. That means I need to have broad understanding of all products. Because the products are always increasing not just in number but in complexity too, that’s definitely a challenge. As a Field Application Engineer you simply can’t know everything. This is also due to the increasing market requirements, for example in terms of performance and safety, or the fact that there are more and more potential interface versions. That’s why colleagues from Application Engineering help me with special questions: they’re the experts who know the individual products in depth. 

For us it’s important that we establish a good rapport with our customers and understand what they want. I offer my openness and pleasure in engaging with new people for that very purpose. 

It’s a highlight when we solve problems in concert with the customer and then the customer thanks you for the good collaboration. And whenever I’m sent a new bank card, for example, I look to see if it uses one of my products - if it does, I’m really quite proud of it. 

My work is very varied – I love that! I like to respond spontaneously and I really value the personal contact with my customers. The downside to this of course is a certain feeling of “remote control”. As a result, the volume of work on some days may dramatically increase unexpectedly. But then again, on other days it calms down again - so I can balance it all out nicely.

I did a dual study program in Electrical Engineering (Bachelor’s) with Infineon at the Campeon location. In the practical phases and for my bachelor thesis I was in Application Engineering and was already able to gather insights and foundations for my current work there. After graduation I was given a job in Field Application Engineering. I still find the work here exciting even though I’ve had the job for 3,5 years now.