Diversity & Inclusion begin with us!

We all have an impact on Diversity & Inclusion through our daily actions. It is our shared responsibility to build an inclusive culture and ensure everyone can contribute – free of prejudice and with equal opportunities for all.

At Infineon we embrace and encourage Diversity and Inclusion, because it is our conviction that this is not just the right thing to do, but also a business imperative that positively affects our bottom line.

In a world that has become faster, closer and more dynamic, it is necessary to embody wider ways of thinking, to focus on the relations between people, and to embrace differences as something that brings value to our actions and lives.

This is why we welcome and value individuality. Read more about our culture

Key dimensions of diversity that we pay special attention to:


At Infineon, we appreciate generational differences. Therefore, we have implemented a variety of measures based on each location's situation. Examples include talent programs, flexible work arrangements, employee health and wellness activities for a mature workforce, and trainings like reverse mentoring to understand differences among people from different age groups.


A balanced mix of women and men, also in management positions, is the foundation of our future success and a key aspect of our Diversity & Inclusion activities. For this reason, we set ourselves targets and specifically work to increase the share of women. In short, recruiting, developing and retaining females is key to achieving our targets.

Ethnic Origin and Nationality

Our diverse workforce is the cornerstone of our success. Hence, we stand for an open organizational culture with people of different social, cultural and national backgrounds. In fact, more than 100 countries are represented among Infineon’s employees. To foster mutual understanding, we offer intercultural training as well as international assignments.

Religion and Worldview

We want to reflect the different ways people see and understand the world, whether as an expression of religious affiliation, philosophy or politics. We respect and appreciate all employees, regardless of their beliefs, creed or worldview.

Physical and Mental Ability

It is important to us that everyone feels enough confidence and support to declare a different ability and participate equally with their unique strengths and talents. This involves not only barrier-free access to the workplace, but also the adaptation of work and the workplace to the respective capabilities.

Sexual Orientation and Identity

Who we love and who we are plays an important role in all our lives. It shapes behavior, experience and personality. At Infineon, we celebrate everyone for who they are and for what they contribute. The LGBT* and Friends Community is an example of how we actively support our diverse employees in their work.

Awareness & Competency

Raising awareness for Diversity & Inclusion is a central part of our approach. We help people to build the competencies and mindset that are required to drive a diverse workforce and an inclusive organization. We provide learning opportunities and active exchange within Diversity & Inclusion Networks. And we celebrate Diversity Day, which lays the foundation for the integration of Diversity & Inclusion in our everyday lives.

Dedicated to equal opportunities

We are committed to creating a work environment that is free from prejudice and that offers equal opportunities to everyone – regardless of age, physical and mental ability, ethnic origin and nationality, gender, religion and worldview, and sexual orientation and identity. In Germany, for example, we are a member of the corporate initiative "Charta der Vielfalt" (Diversity Charter).

We show our employees ways to freely develop their potential, we protect them from unfair behavior in the workplace, and we guarantee barrier-free facilities wherever possible. The result: a work environment in which we respect one another and enjoy the time we spend together.

Having a well-balanced work-life is crucial to maintain our enthusiasm and overall wellbeing. ​We want our employees to pursue a satisfying professional career while being able to meet their private, social and health commitments in today’s dynamic environment. Therefore, Infineon offers a range of flexible working options at most locations. Read more about the Work-Life Balance possibilities at Infineon.