Talents – Diversity counts

Everyone is different – and that’s a good thing. As an internationally active company, the diversity of employees is of particular concern for us. We are committed to creating a work environment that is free from prejudice and that offers equal opportunities to everyone – regardless of age, disability, ethnic-cultural origin, gender, religion, belief or sexual orientation.
Our diversity management fosters a culture where we consciously take advantage of our diversity and where everyone can reach their potential freely. The result: A working environment in which we respect each other and enjoy working together.

Diverse teams bring different perspectives to work and therefore have more potential for innovation. Our customers benefit from this! For this reason, gender diversity has been firmly anchored as one of our Division’s strategic goals for several years. I am pleased that the Automotive Division was able to increase the number of women in management positions by about 20 percent in the past fiscal year 2018.

Peter Schiefer Division President Automotive


In his role as responsible for all disabled employees Johann Wein from Regensburg advises and supports disabled employees, for example when it comes to equipping the workplace adequately. Whether it’s wheelchair-accessible renovations in the lab, a new lifting technology in shipping, alarm devices in the disabled toilets, or lifting aids in parts cleaning – all requests are handled at his desk. When a production hall was expanded in 2017, Johann Wein made sure that it was accessible for everyone from the start. Thanks to his help, employees have been transferred to other workplaces where they could continue working with their handicap. Improvements in ergonomics such as height adjustable desks or chairs, which automatically adjust according to the person's body weight, have also been made possible. As he is affected himself, he knows the concerns of people with disabilities: "Easy tasks for healthy people can often turn into great challenges for people with disabilities. They do not want compassion, but respect and recognition! That should not be too much to ask for."

Our global network of diversity managers at all major Infineon sites ensures that we can foster and fully utilize the diversity of our employees. For this, we have defined three main focus areas:

  • Good work-life balance
  • Corporate culture of equal opportunity
  • Demographic change
In Germany, Infineon signed the "Diversity Charter”, an initiative to promote the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in German corporate culture, as early as 2007.
On Diversity Day, we actively set a mark for diversity with various events – in June 2018 for the sixth time.

A good work-life balance is also an important aspect of our diversity management. It stands and falls with our broad range of flexible working models, such as part-time, home office, sabbaticals and partial retirement. In the chapter, “Workforce – We want everyone to be well and happy,” we give insight into what opportunities we offer at Infineon in this context.

Our employees are as colorful as life. The LGBT & Friends Network – a internal network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees - was founded a year ago at the Campeon site in Munich – a reason to celebrate! . Co-founder Janine Zimmermann (on the right in the picture) explains “Acceptance and openness towards employees of all sexual orientations and lifestyles is very important to the employer and to our colleagues. Nobody should have to pretend to be someone else in the workplace. A community like the LGBT & Friends Network is necessary in order to keep reminding people that our team is not composed of stereotypes and that each person – regardless of orientation – makes an individual contribution. Every employee has to feel comfortable and understood in order to fully realize their personal potential.”

Woman Power

Although the proportion of women in technical positions is increasing, women are still under-represented, especially at management level. We want to change that and provide a working environment equally attractive to women and men.

Infineon has therefore set itself the ambitious goal of increasing the share of women in management positions to 15 percent by 2020. In the long term, the share of women should be increased to at least 20 percent. All organizations support this goal with individual measures and performance indicators.

Already in 2011, Infineon managers founded a "Gender Diversity Network" (GDN) to help shape a working environment that is attractive to women and men and to further increase the share of women at.

In the meantime, gender diversity networks have been set up at many sites and actively support local activities.

We at Infineon consciously commit ourselves to diversity. When it comes to gender diversity, we have defined clear goals for a higher proportion of women in our company and have created a framework that offers women interesting career opportunities. This is crucial for women to make the most of attractive professional opportunities. At the same time, the economy is particularly targeting women to build up a skilled workforce. A technical and scientific education is the best basis for an interesting professional development, which also allows women to actively contribute to the major global trends and challenges such as digitalization, mobility, energy efficiency and safety.

Sabine Herlitschka CEO and Technology Director Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Careers for women in technical positions? Of course! Cecilia Carbonelli, originally from Italy, is an expert when it comes to algorithms. As a Principal System and Algorithm, she is currently responsible for the characterization of environmental sensors at a system level. “One of the prejudices I had to deal with was the assumption that combining a full-time profession and having three children would have to be very difficult, if not impossible. How I handled that: I didn't let unfounded assumptions discourage me and I simply gave it a try! Of course this has only been possible thanks to a company that values a proper work-life balance and offers a supportive infrastructure. Also, an effective teamwork both at home and in the office are key.”

Already in 2011, Infineon managers founded a "Gender Diversity Network" (GDN) to help shape a working environment that is attractive to women and men and to further increase the share of women at.

In the meantime, gender diversity networks have been set up at many sites and actively support local activities.

Infineon India celebrated the formal launch of Spoorthi, its Diversity group, at its Bangalore office on 22 June 2018. The Spoorthi community is driven by the vision and aspirations of like-minded women at Infineon who want to support each other and are committed to the cause of gender diversity. The community aims to promote an innovation mindset at Infineon India, where each employee learns to apply the differences that exist in one another for their own success and for the success of the company. In the picture: the Spoorthi core team that organized the event.