Talents – Diversity counts

Everyone is different – and that’s a good thing. As an international company, the diversity of our workforce is particularly important to us. We are committed to creating a work environment that is free of prejudice and offers equal opportunities to everyone – regardless of age, disability, ethnic and cultural origin, gender, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

Infineon is a great employer for all kinds of talent. It goes without saying that we integrate every individual into our community and give them the space to grow. We want to show employees that we support them and that they can be themselves at our company. Talent attraction is an important lever in our diversity management strategy. It means that our talent network team also has a role to play in shaping diversity at Infineon through targeted talent attraction measures.

Severine Fiegler Senior Director Talent Network

Diversity management fosters a culture in which we can consciously build on the benefits of our diverse workforce and give all employees the space to unfold their full potential. This produces a working environment where we respect each other and enjoy working together.


Friedrich Tragauer, Maintenance Workcenter Expert: “For me, diversity starts in the mind. At Infineon, we value the rich tapestry of mindsets, ideas and skills that comes with a globally connected pool of employees. This diversity provides us with huge potential for innovation and strengthens our international competitiveness. The fact that our company has been on a steady growth path for decades is proof positive that we are on the right track.”
In return for a donation, cooking enthusiasts received a copy of the Infineon Diversity Cookbook with its internationally themed recipes. The online diversity community also held an online photo competition where our employees were encouraged to upload their own diversity pictures. The winning photos were chosen based on the number of likes from colleagues from around the world. One of the winning photos was taken by Janukusumo Andyo from Batam, Indonesia.

We maintain a global network of diversity managers based at all major Infineon sites. This ensures that we foster the diversity of our employees at these locations and maximize their value. We have defined three main focus areas here:

  • A good work-life balance
  • A corporate culture that embraces equal opportunities
  • Demographic change

Infineon committed to the Charta der Vielfalt back in 2007. This initiative encourages the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in German corporate culture.

Diversity Day has been a firm fixture in the corporate calendar in Germany since 2013. In 2019, we celebrated Diversity Day internationally for the first time.

Infineon Americas started its Be.Different.Together initiative on our global Diversity Day. “Our Be.Different.Program in the US provides a framework for us to embed diversity into everyday business in our region. We employ a lot of people who contribute to our success. Our top priority is to embrace different ideas, opinions and approaches,” explains Inka Tews, Regional Head of HR Americas.

Establishing a good work-life balance is a diversity management priority for us, inspiring us to give employees flexibility in the way they organize their work. Flexible working models such as part-time work, telework, sabbaticals and partial retirement mean that Infineon employees can align their work with their current situation and stage in life. For further information on this, refer to the section on “Workforce – We want everyone to be well and happy.”

At Infineon, we enthusiastically “fly the flag” – literally – for tolerance and inclusiveness in relation to sexual orientation. Infineon once again took part in the Christopher Street Day parade during this year’s Pride week in Munich. A number of Infineon employees are also members of the Rainbow Sound Orchestra. Together with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, they played at the opening ceremony for Pride week.
In Singapore at the end of March 2019, employees aged 55 and over got together with the HR department and our two partners Center for Senior Age and ProAge to discuss the challenging subject of active aging. The meeting focused on ways of turning the “silver years” into “golden years”. As emphasized by Dr. Laurent Filipozzi, the head of the test segment, rising life expectancy means our workforce will increasingly include people from multiple generations. Our backend site in Singapore uses modern technology to enable older employees to continue working. The discussions also looked at effective ways to prepare for retirement.

Woman Power

Women in the tech industry have every chance of a highly promising career path at Infineon. Take Alina Absmeier, for example. Originally from Munich, this chemistry graduate was voted expert of the month in May 2019 by “FEMtech”, an initiative run by Austria's Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT). Alina discovered her love of chemistry at school. She started her career at Infineon in Austria, joining the company after studying technical chemistry at university. Back then, she started as a trainee in Villach. Since then, Alina has worked in a wide range of areas at Infineon and is now head of the furnace and wet chemistry manufacturing module, where she is responsible for around 300 employees. What she particularly likes about Infineon is the products because “they play a certain role in shaping our world.” Alina appreciates Infineon as an employer because of all the opportunities she has throughout the company as an engineer. Infineon gives her the freedom to try out new things and turn her ideas into reality. “What more could you want from your career?” For her, the key to success is turning your passion into your job. To get girls and women passionate about tech careers, she believes that we have to awaken their interest in technology at pre-school age and break down conventional role models – ideally in a playful, fun way. In addition to her work, Alina is strongly committed to promoting diversity. “For me, diversity means looking at the bigger picture. When different cultures come together, it enriches all of us and allows us to evolve and grow as people.”

Although the proportion of women in tech jobs is increasing, they are still under-represented, particularly in management roles. We want to change this and provide a working environment that is equally attractive to women and men. Infineon has therefore set itself the ambitious goal of increasing the proportion of women in management positions to 15 percent by 2020. In the long term, we want this figure to rise to over 20 percent. All areas of the company are helping us achieve this goal with individual initiatives and performance indicators. Thanks to our efforts here, we were able to pass the 15-percent mark by the close of fiscal 2019.

Back in 2011, managers at Infineon founded a “Gender Diversity Network” (GDN) to help create an attractive working environment for women and men, and to further increase the percentage of women working at Infineon. Since then, many sites across the company have set up their own gender diversity networks to actively support local activities in this area.

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, members of the Gender Diversity Network (GDN) in Munich launched a postcard campaign to raise awareness around unconscious bias. The GDN regularly holds breakfast and lunch events for women, in particular for new employees. These provide an effective platform for networking and sharing experiences. The GDN also interfaces with other company networks to exchange ideas and experiences.
In Wuxi, diversity is an integral part of the company, leadership and working culture. On Global Diversity Day, employees celebrated the launch of its MAGIC program. MAGIC stands for “Make a Gender Inclusive Community” and the program provides an independent platform for organizing gender diversity activities that promote a diverse and inclusive culture at Infineon.