HR Report 2021

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our HR Report 2021. Once again, an exciting yet challenging year lies behind us.

The global pandemic continues to shape the way we live and work. Of course, the health of our employees remains our highest priority. Therefore, we continually reviewed the COVID-19 measures we have implemented to ensure the well-being of our employees around the globe and to provide the best possible support in these dynamic times. In parallel, we are mindful of the need to ensure business continuity especially in the face of rapid growth, tougher market competition, and an increased focus on the semiconductor industry across the economy.

In the last fiscal year, we continued to pursue our strategic priorities with our HR focus areas. In order to foster people engagement and create a positive employee experience, we are driving digitalization with standardized processes and services. Further developing as a function to prepare for the future is key for us as a global HR team.

The pandemic also acted as a global accelerator of change, propelling the world towards the future of work; a future shaped by digitalization and closer collaboration between people and machines. This was one of the key topics we addressed over this past year through our New Work initiative.

New Work goes far beyond the concept of mobile working to also evaluate the impact of new working models on our culture, collaboration, and the development of our workforce.

Another strategic challenge is the exponential rise in open positions across Infineon. Finding the right people in critical talent markets is essential for the growth of our company.

We reviewed our recruiting activities – and successfully activated a concept to meet our high demand for new hires.

For us, this is the key to success – as people are our most valuable assets. We focus all our HR activities on putting people at the heart of everything we do.

A special thanks goes to all my HR colleagues worldwide for their dedication, commitment, and hard work. They powered our HR successes in the 2021 fiscal year. It makes me very proud to have such a great global team.

I hope you enjoy reading our HR Report 2021!


Markus Fink

Executive Vice President & CHRO


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Dear Reader,

We hope that our HR Report has given you a good insight into the most important developments and milestones in our HR area in the past 2021 fiscal year.

Keeping the daily business up and running while supporting the business and further developing as a function to prepare for the future is our top priority.

In addition, we will continue to carefully monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic that is still influencing our daily lives and workplaces. The balancing act between ensuring the well-being of our employees and ensuring our economic growth will continue to define us. People are our most valuable asset we have – that is why we will clearly focus on our employees as a central success factor also in the next year. The HR strategic priorities continue to guide us while keeping the required flexibility for unforeseen business needs and topics.

As you can see in this year’s HR Report, our understanding in the HR department remains “People create value. HR fosters people engagement”. We want to create the best possible working environment in which our employees can concentrate on this value contribution: Dedicated, healthy and successful employees make a long-term contribution to the success of Infineon.