HR Report 2023


Dear Reader,

Welcome to our HR report 2023.

We live in dynamic times, marked by new and evolving challenges for many of us. Over the past fiscal year, we came "back to normal" after COVID-19 and managed the steady growth of our company at the same time. As a result, one of our core issues at the moment is a shortage of skills. This calls on us to think of new ways to attract and retain employees.

Times like these in particular highlight the pressing need to evolve the role of HR from enabler to driver so it can more effectively manage the most important resource in our company: our employees. We have to adapt quickly and manage ups and downs in the economic cycle. This means that every HR function must position itself strategically so we can anticipate trends and needs at an early stage. How did we achieve that over the past year? You will find the answer to this question on the following pages.

I hope you enjoy exploring our HR report 2023 and gain valuable insights into our daily business, our ambition to drive employee engagement, our determination to compete in the “race for talent”, and our continued work to evolve the HR function. Because these combined efforts are the only way we can drive decarbonization and digitalization – together.

Markus Fink
Executive Vice President & CHRO


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