AURIXTM TC275 lite kit is equipped with a 32-Bit Single-Chip AURIXTM TriCoreTM based-Microcontroller AurixTM TC275.  It can be used with a range of development tools including AURIXTM Development Studio, Infineon’s free of charge Eclipse-based IDE, or the Eclipse-based “FreeEntryToolchain” from Hightec/PLS/Infineon




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Summary of Features:

  • Arduino Connector
  • Arduino ICSP Connector
  • Voltage Regulator 5V to 3.3V
  • Optional 0-Ohm resistors (R39_opt/R40_opt in 1210 imperial)
  • Arduino Connector (Digital)
  • 20 MHz Crystal for AURIX™ TM and 12 MHz Crystal for OCDS
  • Mikrobus Connector for WIFI/BLE
  • Infineon CAN Transceiver TLE9251VSJ & CAN Connector
  • Pin Connector X2
  • Power LED (D5)
  • LEDs D1/D2 for ADBUS7/4 and LED3 for ESR0 Signal (low-active)
  • Arduino Pin Connector (POWER & ANALOG IN)
  • Potentiometer (10 kOhm) and solderable 0 Ohm resistor (R33 in 0805 imperial)
  • Micro USB (USB3.0 recommended)
  • 10-pin DAP Connector
  • Reset Button
  • 2 x Shield2GO Connector for Infineon Maker Shields
  • EEPROM 1Kbit