Welcome, Elliptic Labs!

Our new official partner, Elliptic Labs, offers AI virtual smart sensors, tiny software binaries using ultrasound, that provide presence detection, proximity detection, and touchless gestures for the consumer electronics and automotive markets

Elliptic Labs & Infineon partner to expand high-performance virtual smart sensors for electronic devices

For the past 2 years, we have been collaborating to enable the next-generation of user-interfaces for laptops with our high-SNR MEMS microphones

  • The low self-noise and high SNR increase the performance of the solution, by picking-up the weakest ultrasound echoes from distant and small objects, and even enable detection of micro-motions.
  • The wide dynamic range and high SNR enhance the robustness of the solution, enabling functionality even in the noisiest environments.
  • The tight phase matching and amplitude between microphones increase performance when utilizing the microphones in stereo pairs or arrays, to extract directional echoes used for recognizing different gestures or user positions

Elliptic Labs demonstrated with the MS Surface Pro X how our XENSIV™ MEMS microphones can be used to automatically lock the laptop screen when the user walks away from the laptop, simplifying laptop security features that make your data safe.

Watch Laila Danielsen, the CEO of Elliptic Labs, explaining the joint solution and its benefits. 


The low-power consumption of ultrasonic sensors compared to other technologies is ideal for always-on presence detection, needed to wake up activation of face-ID on demand.

Additionally, ultrasound reduces the high number of false positives and negatives, which may occur when using optical sensors. Elliptic Labs is evaluating to further develop the solution for multi-people detection with anti-peeking features. This exciting collaboration showcases the feasibility and benefits of using our microphones in a new application, and opens the door for additional use-cases in consumer electronics and the smart home