Infineon Security Partner Network

Implementing security has never been more convenient

Infineon Security Partner Network

With increasing societal safety needs induced by the connected world, security solutions must be end-to-end, easy to implement, transparent and tailored to the applications’ economical requirements.

The Infineon Security Partner Network is a place for security players to deliver security solutions to providers of connected devices and applications. This network conveniently enables you to understand security needs in the context of their application and offers tailored support for the implementation and deployment of security solutions. It supports the use of hardware-based security as trust anchors for connected devices.

The network members, composed of associated and preferred security partners, are proven experts in security consulting, security solution provision, electronic design, systems integration and trust services management. For some, offers are off-the-shelf, while for others, offers are custom-built.

Our preferred partners have a proven track record of supporting customer projects successfully with Infineon´s security solutions. An extensive set of use cases with a broad range of applications demonstrates their expertise and experience to serve your needs.

Preferred Security Partners

Associated Security Partners

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