View from above on our beautiful location in Regensburg.
Chip Card products are being manufactured on long tapes
In the preassembly area in Regensburg, we sand and isolate 300-mm-Wafer.
One of our colleagues, working in analysis.

Why Infineon Regensburg

Our site in Regensburg is innovation factory and high-tech production site in one. Unique for Infineon is the combination of Frontend (chip production) and three different Backends (Packaging), namely sensorc, chipcard & security and chip embedding. And there are many more reasons to work for us:

  1. Ideas for the future: Our site is key for innovations. We develop chip packaing for all Infineon sites worldwide. We make it possible to have ever smaller chips with hundreds of connections in ever smaller packaging.
  2. Ecological model plant: We are state-of-the-art when it comes to disposing, recycling and reducing emissions. As the first Infineon site wordwide we have been certified with the ISO Standort 14001, which has set-up goals for energy use structured them in a forward-looking environmental program.
  3. Flexibility: We offer flexibile time without core time, part-time for shift employees and cooperations with nearby kindergardens. This is how work-life-balance really works.

What we offer you in Regensburg

Entry Options in Regensburg

You would like to have practical experiences? Then a holiday job is what you are lookin for!
You are done with college? Then why not start your apprenticeship as an Electronics technician for devices and systems or as a Mechatronics technician? You can also do a dual study program: choose between Electrical and information technologies and Mechatronics. Find out more on our site for school pupils.

It is important to us that you combine theory with practice: and we support you with internships, study jobs or support of your thesis. Find currently open positions here.

For graduates in technical fields. we offer the trainee programm „SPRINT to Regensburg“. Within 12 months you get to know to functional areas in detail. You will establish a network via monthly meetings, speeched and social events. Trainings will help to get an overview about our site and Infineon as a whole. Each year we determine the amount of open positions and the exact starting dates.

Graduates and experts have many possibilities in Regensburg: start as a maintenance engineer in our production, as a finance manager or as a development engineer in our research & development department. Currently open position you can find here.