Occupational Safety and Health

Ensuring a safe working environment is a very high priority at Infineon. Here we take a preventive approach. Our Occupational Safety and Health Management System has been certified in accordance with ISO 45001.

We take actions to protect our employees

Workplace-related risk assessments

Workplace-related risk assessments are carried out worldwide to ensure that workplace-related risks that may result in a danger to employees are identified and the protective measures required are implemented to minimize risks. Risks are evaluated according to the Nohl risk matrix and measures are subsequently adopted based on the STOP hierarchy. This means that, where possible, substitution and technical measures take precedence over organizational or personal measures.

Golden Rules of Safety

In the 2018 fiscal year we introduced the seven Golden Rules of Safety as part of our behavior-based safety program. In the 2022 fiscal year, we will further implement this program at the locations formerly operated by Cypress. This preventive safety concept is reviewed and developed on a regular basis. Reports are then presented to management including selected members of the Management Board.

Information and training

Qualified safety experts supervise the implementation of the protective measures. Creating safe and ergonomic workplaces is a matter of course for us. In addition to work areas in production and other technical areas, office workplaces are also analyzed to assess how they could be improved. One example from everyday practice is the information brochure for our corporate headquarters Campeon (Germany), which includes tips and advice on topics such as the room climate and office acoustics.

In the area of fire prevention, we carried out regular safety training sessions and evacuation drills.

In the 2023 fiscal year, we invested around 51,367 hours in training and continuing education for our fire protection and occupational safety and health experts worldwide.

High standards lead to less accidents

The recording and evaluation of work-related accident figures in the course of our data collection process and is performed in accordance with the GRI requirements on the basis of the standardized Injury Rate (IR) and the Lost Day Rate (LDR). All work-related accidents that have led to more than one lost day are considered. The causes of occupational accidents are analyzed and if necessary, adequate improvement measures are implemented based on the investigations’ results.

Health Management

Health and satisfaction at the workplace are essential requirements for the development of individual performance capability that contribute to Infineon’s overall success.

With a particular view to maintaining and promoting the mental health of staff, the project “Well-being@work” was launched in 2012. The aim of this project is to analyze and document factors that lead to mental stress and strain as well as to derive measures for maintaining and promoting the health of our employees.

The project is run jointly with employee representatives. On the basis of a staff questionnaire, Infineon lists the factors which contribute to psychological stresses at the workplace and identify which preventive measures can be taken to counter them. The following individual aspects are considered in the analysis: work tasks, work organization, social conditions at the workplace and also workplace design.

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