Occupational Safety and Health

The safety and health of our employees is of highest priority at Infineon. Our concept for occupational safety mainly focuses on prevention, with the aim of creating a safe working environment which avoids the occurrence of workplace related accidents.

Our Occupational Safety and Health Management System in place at Infineon’s production sites and at Campeon corporate headquarters is certified in accordance with the ISO 45001 certificate standard and is designed to ensure that the required measures are taken to minimize the risks in the working environment that could endanger our employees.

Our employees are regularly informed about workplace-specific topics as well as about operational circumstances. Through extensive preventative measures, we create a safe working environment that minimizes the number of workplace accidents.

In addition to technical and organizational safety precautions, our employees in production sites have to use workplace specific personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent hazard exposures, when necessary.

The recording and evaluation of work-related accident figures in the course of our data collection process and is performed in accordance with the GRI requirements on the basis of the standardized Injury Rate (IR) and the Lost Day Rate (LDR). All work-related accidents that have led to more than one lost day are taken into account. The causes of occupational accidents are analyzed and if necessary, adequate improvement measures are implemented based on the investigations’ results.

Health Management

Health and satisfaction at the workplace are essential requirements for the development of individual performance capability that contribute to Infineon’s overall success.

With a particular view to maintaining and promoting the mental health of staff, the project “Well-being@work” was launched in 2012. The aim of this project is to analyze and document factors that lead to mental stress and strain as well as to derive measures for maintaining and promoting the health of our employees.

The project is run jointly with employee representatives. On the basis of a staff questionnaire, Infineon lists the factors which contribute to psychological stresses at the workplace and identify which preventive measures can be taken to counter them. The following individual aspects are considered in the analysis: work tasks, work organization, social conditions at the workplace and also workplace design.

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