Infineon and International Rectifier

This is a powerful combination and a unique opportunity for our customers. Both companies complement each other outstandingly in their distributional strengths, in their competitive products, and in their leading technological and innovative excellence. Our customers therefore take advantage from:

  • Enhanced support
  • Expanded product portfolio
  • More advanced solutions

With great knowledge of specific customer needs and application know-how, International Rectifier will successfully contribute to Infineon’s strategic approach ‘from product thinking to system understanding’.

Together we will achieve considerably more than we could ever achieve by acting alone.


What are the benefits for our customers?

Enhanced support

Now we are even closer to our customers. With International Rectifier, Infineon has a stronger presence in the US, the important center of innovation especially in the Connected World. We will further improve our position in Asia, one of our most important markets. The increase in exposure to the distribution channel will allow Infineon to meet the needs of a broader range of customers.

Expanded product portfolio

International Rectifier’s expertise in low-power, energy-efficient IGBTs and Intelligent Power Modules, Power MOSFETs and Digital Power Management ICs will integrate well with Infineon’s offering in power devices and modules. The extended product portfolio will make us a one-stop partner for an even broader lineup of products and solutions in energy efficiency, mobility and security.

More advanced solutions

With International Rectifier, Infineon has acquired a leading manufacturer in Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN) based power semiconductors. This will allow us to accelerate our compound semiconductor roadmap, both in GaN- and SiC-based technologies. Customers will be offered a wide range of more advanced solutions in the field of silicon-, silicon-carbide- and gallium-nitride-based power devices and integrated circuits (ICs). Furthermore, International Rectifier’s broad single- and multi-chip package solutions will enhance Infineon’s package portfolio.

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