Universal Programmer

Acroview Products and Services(Engineering/Mass Production)

  •  Universal Device Programmer
  •  Universal ISP Device Programmer
  •  Automated Programming System
  • Customized Programming/Testing System

AP8000 is a universal IC programming platform. It is designed with the most cutting-edge technologies in the programming industry, with the fastest programming speed and high accuracy pin driver circuit, which helps our customers to achieve the highest programming quality standard and productivity.

The programmer can support 3 operation modes: USB, RJ45, and SD card offline mode.

Universal IC supported:

MCU, NOR Flash/Nand flash, eMMC, UFS, EEPROM, EPROM, CPLD, CMOS PLD, FPGA, Anti-fuse and other programmable chips.

Advanced and High Precise pin driver technology: fastest programming speed and high yield.

Engineering/Mass Production mode:

Support both engineering mode and MP mode for easier/safer production process

MES system support

Serial Number Generator: Programming data + standard/customized SN generator (MAC address etc.)

Intellectual Property Protection Function: SD card encryption, project file authority management, and encryption, output restriction, remote control.

Automatic Programming System

APS3000/IPS5000 is a high-performance automated programming system. It is designed as the most comprehensive programming solution in the industry.

  • A four nozzle pick&place gantry support over UPH 3000
  • Up to 64 chips are programmed (8 sets AP8000 × 8 SKT) in parallel.
  • Support Tape&Reel, Tray, Tube feed in and output
  • High Precise motion system process ultra-small size IC (WLCSP)
  • Lightweight Design Concept to achieve lowest operation noise and highest stability requirement
  • In-Cabin Autotray system / Drawer type Tape Out system design to avoid operator body in the machine to ensure safety
  • MES system support to ensure traceability control
  • Laser marking and 3D inspection optional

In-line Programming System (ISP)

ACROVIEW’s In-System Programming (ISP) System is a extending system of the AP8000 universal IC programming platform. It is designed with the fastest programming speed and high accuracy pin driver circuit, support MCU, NOR Flash/Nand Flash, EEPROM, EPROM, CPLD, CMOS PLD, FPGA, Antifuse, and other programmable chips.

  • Standalone ISP system
  • Host mode: Remote control customized development by VC, VB, Labview, etc.
  • Programmer(128+) cascade through network port easy to implement in ICT/FCT equipment
  • Comprehensive MES interface parameters and support for customized redevelopment
  • Semiautomated systems
  • Fully automated systems