IKV (InfoKeyVault Technology)

IKV was founded in August 2006, and ever since has persisted in their modus operandi to “protect our customers’ digital assets through professionalism and creativity.”

Although the major customers locate at the Greater China area, their products by the help of IKV are pervasively adopted worldwide because of the global logistic model. In the past few years, IKV has successfully delivered the hardware-based security products and solutions to some security-aware industries, such as gaming, military-grade devices and mobile computing applications. Nowaday, IKV staff devoted themselves to develop the security solutions for the IoT customers. “iBadge” is the most remarkable. The company has US$600K capital and US$1,000K revenue in 2015.

IKV's contribution to the Infineon Security Partner Network

As an independent design house of Infineon, IKV helps the customers of the security chips to efficiently and effectively optimize the protection on their own products. IKV leverages SLE 97, OPTIGA™ TPM, OPTIGA™ Trust product series and create the value of these chips by providing the customer’s systems with the customized firmware API and COS (Chip Operating System).

With IKV’s support, the development cycles can be reduced and the results are more reliable in security. The most significant references of IKV include the first SLE 97-equipped BitCoin wallet in the world, “CoolWallet”, and “iBadge” solution based on OPTIGA™ Trust authentication chips. IKV has also implmented a leading “secure boot” solution by integrating SLE 97 with the most secure field programmable gate array of the world to help the cutomers to protect the sensitive firmware codes in the commerical System on Chips.

Use cases

Smart home security

Device identity management solution for smart home

iBadge solution uses a cryptographic authentication chip to offer IoT service providers a hardware-based security management platform. The device authentication and counterfeit protection of this platform will secure business model and profitability.

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