United Access GmbH

United Access is a system house focused on development, consultancy, and value added reselling of smart cards, RFID components and personalization services.

Our extensive know how is based on our development activities on smart card operating systems and smart card host applications. By combination of development services and usage of proven standard components we are able to provide sophisticated and reliable security sub systems.

United Access' contribution to the Infineon Security Partner Network

Our activity within the ISPN is to contribute a flexible, versatile security platform based on the SLE97 chipset as a starting point for M2M / V2X or related security scenarios. The form factor is flexible; typically VQFN32 or ID000 is required. Starting from this platform, customer specific extensions can easily be implemented thus giving a very short time to market.

In a commercial point of view all models from a onetime development fee up to licenses per component can be fulfilled in order to fit best to customer needs.

All phases of such a development project or design-in, starting with first consultancy activities, definition of feature set up to development & test and support for certification activities can be offered by United Access.

Use cases

Automotive security

Secure element for protection of communication between unsecure objects

Fulfilling high security and high performance demands by using state-of-the art cryptography provided by the certified platform.

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