MOTIX™ Software, Tools and Services

Accelerate your embedded motor control development

MOTIX™ Software, Tools and Services

MOTIX™ Software comprises dependable SW building blocks for evaluation and productive use, development tools and services to accelerate your embedded motor control development on Infineon microcontrollers.

Designed to utilize best our HW capabilities and configurable to state of the art vehicle motor control use cases, MOTIX™ Software is instrumental to spare standard development efforts without compromising system performance:

  • MOTIX™ Motor Control Library featuring Field oriented control of BLDC motors in pumps, fans and compressors
    • Automotive SPICE assessed/ MISRA C:2012 compliant
    • Supports static and runtime motor parameter handling and signal monitoring with MOTIX™ Solution designer PC tool
  • MOTIX™ Complex Device Driver for ASIL D applications with MOTIX™ Gate drivers based on AURIX™
  • MOTIX™ Device Driver for initialization and in-system evaluation of MOTIX™ Gate drivers
  • MOTIX™ Low-level Driver for MOTIX™ MCUs

Explore and apply MOTIX™ Hardware and Software with MOTIX™ Tools

MOTIX™ Tools are instrumental to explore, evaluate and apply both, MOTIX™ Hardware and Software. We offer a free of charge tool suite from hardware selection and initialization to application driven configuration, runtime parameter tuning, signal monitoring and tracing.

MOTIX™ Tools are used and extended by our MOTIX™ Software partners in end customer development projects or service offerings.



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