A must for the digitalization and the connected economy and society

Cybersecurity makes connectivity successful

"Cybersecurity is a must for the digitalization and the connected economy and society." --- Thomas Rosteck, Division President Digital Security Solutions

Digital is now!

Digitalization and automation are making lives convenient, enabling societal prosperity and supporting new business models. At the same time technologies and methodologies of cyberattacks are also continually changing. Without security, digital technologies would not have a broader acceptance for a longer period of time. Security is the enabler of trust regarding modern technologies like a connected car, a smart home or an automated factory. In this digital world, cybersecurity is a necessity.

Cybersecurity news

Members of the Charter of Trust

Charter of Trust partners decide on important measures for more cybersecurity

The Charter-of-Trust (CoT) partners have agreed to deliver next-generation products with preset cybersecurity, following a clear “Security by Default” philosophy.

At present, there are no uniform regulations governing this issue – many products leave the factory solely dependent on safety systems that do not provide comprehensive protection. Users often have to adjust security settings afterward.

As a first step, the Charter partner companies have now defined which security features should be present and activated by default in next-generation products – ranging from strong authentication features to a unique product identity and the requirement that passwords must be changed upon first use.

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Saving costs through Hardware Based Security


Modern (IoT) applications (e.g. connected industrial systems) have a high demand for reliable security. However, software based security is not enough. Hardware based solutions provide more security. One of the many benefits: by integrating secured and certified chips much development costs can be saved. Watch this video to get more details about saving costs through hardware based security.

Simplified Logistics through Hardware Based Security


The automated, decentralized factories (smart factories) promise greater efficiency and flexibility across production processes. But the manufacturing companies are facing new security challenges. Solid IoT security concepts are based on cryptographic keys which must be protected along the entire value chain. Watch our video on how IoT security can bring greater flexibility to manufacturing.

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