ISPN partners will help you secure your devices and applications: understand which threats can undermine your business, propose solutions that will protect your business, build and implement such security solutions and, when relevant manage their operation.

ISPN partners are security solutions experts and providers who have been selected by Infineon on the basis of their system security competence and ability to design and deliver strong and trustworthy security solutions.

ISPN partners have diverse activities including security consulting, security solution provision, electronic design, systems integration and trust services management. For some, offers are off-the-shelf, while for others, offers are custom-built.

You can meet the ISPN partners face to face at events (see the News & Events section) or more easily electronically though this website. The ISPN website is a showroom of our partners as well as security use cases that will help you understand how your own devices and applications can be secured.

All ISPN partners have been selected by Infineon on the basis of their system security competence. Preferred security partners even demonstrate their know-how and capabilities through use cases. As security requirements become increasingly widespread, the vast variety of resulting use cases will facilitate your search to the use case and partner answering your need. If you need help, please contact us.

Each partner will have their own solutions corresponding to specific needs, but all partners rely on proven cryptographic-based security and recognize that hardware-based security provides benefits in terms of tamperproof-ness, partitioned design and trust lifecycle management.

ISPN partners provide security solutions that use Infineon security-related products and in particular the secure elements and security microcontrollers of Infineon’s Chip Card and Security division. In particular, many partners implement the ready-to-use OPTIGA™ Trust and OPTIGA™ TPM products within the security solutions.

Please contact us directly on the contact page.

All ISPN partners are IoT security experts. Preferred Partners offer the knowledge and experience to enable and implement Infineon products in Infineon´s target applications and markets. A proven track record of success is an essential part of an preferred partnership.