The path to sustainable mobility

There is no alternative to reducing global warming and carbon emissions. The political sphere is driving this change in the automotive industry with regulations on both the national and international level. Meanwhile, changing consumer preferences drive the demand for electric cars. To date, 66 countries have announced a zero-emission vehicle target or the phase-out of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2050 to meet the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement targets.

Electromobility is the foundation for environmentally responsible and sustainable mobility. However, making electromobility successful requires not only an electrified car, but also the supporting ecosystem and charging infrastructure based on renewable energy, as well as carbon-neutral car manufacturing. Semiconductors are at the heart of vehicle electrification and the associated charging infrastructure and will drive the transformation towards carbon-neutral mobility in order to protect our planet, for our own sake and for the sake of generations to come.

As the world’s leading supplier of automotive semiconductors, Infineon offers full system solutions, high quality and strong supply capability. With its extensive range of power semiconductors and control ICs for all types of electric vehicle, Infineon is accelerating xEV mass market deployment and helping the automotive industry meet its ambitious CO2 fleet targets.

Types of electric vehicles

Electrification under full control with main inverters

Battery Management Systems – the driving force behind

Fill up with high-speed on-board charging