Connected and autonomous vehicles are driving the mobility shift

Microelectronics enable a car to sense its environment, start moving, take safety decisions and securely communicate with its passengers and the exterior world – from other vehicles and pedestrians to the traffic infrastructure.

Fully autonomous vehicles may still seem far in the future, but thanks to innovation in the field of semiconductors, intelligent driver assistance systems based on level 1 and 2 are now becoming mainstream. These advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) make driving more convenient and, above all, safer. Infineon is at the forefront of this development. The broad portfolio of sensors and microcontrollers provides an answer for almost every application you need to stay safe and connected whilst on the road.

Levels of autonomous driving

Assisted and autonomous driving

Enormous progress in advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) has put us on the fast track to fully autonomous cars. As ADAS solutions are the backbone of autonomous vehicles, they rely on fast information processing and a failsafe electronic control unit (ECU).

Infineon’s broad spectrum of quality semiconductors make travelling from A to B an unprecedentedly safe and convenient experience. This includes the market-leading RASIC™ product portfolio of radar chips and the scalable AURIX™ microcontroller family for ADAS which are suitable for radar (24 GHz, 77 GHz, 79 GHz), cameras, 2D/3D (TOF) and sensor fusion applications.

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Chassis, safety and ADAS

Communicating inside a car and with the world outside

Infineon’s microelectronics solutions enable vital communication between a car, the traffic infrastructure and other vehicles. These V2X communication capabilities can help optimize traffic flow and significantly reduce congestion.

Inside the car, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity via USB-C is all important for the convenience and travel experience of drivers and passengers. Speech recognition and sensing solutions improve interaction between passengers and cars and become key differentiators for convenience and driving comfort.

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Protecting passengers and cars

People are accustomed to seatbelts and airbags as being synonymous with automotive safety. In the age of connected cars, safety aspects are no longer limited to avoiding physical danger. Car safety extends to events like cyberattacks, making cybersecurity in cars a top priority.

Infineon’s broad system understanding and longstanding expertise in connected secure systems and identification technology enable smart, secure and safe mobility. They protect a car’s identity throughout its lifecycle and beyond. Infineon’s microcontrollers (MCUs) such as the AURIX™ series featuring a built-in hardware security module (HSM) and discrete security controllers such as the OPTIGA™ TPM (Trusted Platform Module) securely store sensitive data and keys, thereby providing effective protection against hackers and unauthorized access.

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