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Product Material Declaration

Protection of the environment is an integral part of Infineon’s business decisions, and we are committed to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible way. Consequently, our Suppliers and Subcontractors shall assume global and local environmental responsibilities and take the necessary steps to protect the environment in the various regions of the world in which they are operating.

Our Suppliers and Subcontractors shall minimize the environmental impact of their services, products, materials, tools and equipment at the earliest possible stage and shall meet Infineon’s environmental protection requirements.

Supplier Information

We expect our suppliers and subcontractors to be committed to the values reflected in our Principles of Purchasing and to fulfill our Purchase Specifications A and B.

In the area of product-related environmental protection, this includes the following documents for all kind of materials and products that remain in the finished product as is or in a changed form as well as materials that come into contact with the (finished) product for Infineon Technologies AG:

  • Full Material Declaration (FMD) / Supplier Material Declaration Form
    (see Supplier Material Declaration Form (SMDF)
  • Supplier Declaration on Substances of Concern
    (see Substances of Concern (SoC) declarable Substances / Supplier declaration on SoC)
  • Analytical Test Report (so called ICP or SGS report)
    (see Infineon Requirements for Laboratory Analytical Test Reports)

The overview of required documents and requirements can be found in the document:

  • Summary of Requirements for material-related environmental Protection