Infineon inside pressure sensor partners

Our Infineon inside pressure sensor partners provide you with a full range of pressure sensors suitable for a variety of applications.

Barometric pressure sensors are increasingly becoming a key component for integrated sensor solutions in the field of consumer electronics. Infineon’s XENSIV ™ family of digital absolute barometric pressure sensors takes the lead as the ultimate choice for mobile and wearable devices. Boasting a compact form factor, unparalleled precision and ultra-low power consumption, they empower developers to enhance functionality and user experience in applications such as drones (e.g. altitude control), smart watches and wearables (e.g. activity tracking), home appliances (e.g. air flow monitoring) and various IoT use cases.

In addition to Infineon's XENSIV™ barometric pressure sensors, our network of Infineon inside partners offers a diverse portfolio of pressure sensors, all driven by Infineon's leading bare die technology. We invite you to explore our partner products below and discover the ideal solution for your next project.

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Goertek Microelectronics Inc.

Goertek Microelectronics Inc. was established in October 2017, formerly known as Microelectronics Business Group of Goertek Inc. In January 2021, it was changed to Goertek Microelectronics Inc. The company is a semiconductor company focusing on the research and development, production and sales of MEMS devices and microsystem modules.


Luqin is a leading manufacturer of high-quality MEMS sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement of barometric pressure, acoustic pressure as well as differential pressure. Luqin offers the best-in-class products including barometric pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor and MEMS microphone. Among a large variety of applications, Luqin’s sensors are used in smart wearables, navigation devices, mobile weather stations and drones.


merry logo

Merry develops and manufactures high performance sensors such as (directional) MEMS microphones, microphone modules, voice-activated smart microphones, barometric pressure sensors and combo sensors for high quality communications, multimedia & entertainment, smart home and voice-enabled applications.