Contactless excellence for smart services

Convenience is king

In an increasingly converged world, users are looking for one thing above all – convenience. More and more services spanning payment, access, ticketing and identification are being delivered through mobile devices, wearables, token  or smart cards, equipped with contactless technologies like NFC or BLE. Users expect these services to work quickly and securely. In other words, they want to just swipe and go!

Building on security and interoperability with Infineon

At Infineon, we can help our customers navigate rising demands for user convenience in the fast-evolving, contactless landscape. We know that the successful  implementation of new smart services hinges not only on security but also the interoperability across both legacy and new contactless infrastructures. We are familiar with the need for compliance with a host of specifications and standards such as EMVCo, CIPURSE™ and ICAO governing everything from payment to identification. And we have the right answer for further growing data volumes.

Our unique combination of contactless performance and SOLID FLASH™ memory offers maximum convenience and fastest time-to-market. Highlights of our proven, future-ready portfolio include Coil on Module, very high bit rates and mega memory. In addition, we are actively driving industry and test standards to achieve maximum contactless performance and interoperability. What’s more, through our infrastructure partner program, we help all players throughout the contactless ecosystem to achieve their performance, interoperability and security goals.


Fastest time-to-market

This future-proof memory concept meets growing demand for increasingly differentiated application schemes. The smart design supports post-issuance of new applications and accelerates time-to-market by more than 50%.



Rapid transaction times

Security controllers with very high bit rates (VHBR) enable transaction speeds up to eight times faster than standard security controllers (6.8 Mbit/s versus 848 kbit/s). This speed is essential to support fast transmission of rising data volumes.

Mega memory

Biggest memories

Combined with VHBR, our mega memory sizes deliver the highest contactless performance levels, also supporting the latest ICAO standards such as LDS 2.0. Mega memory is thus ideal for evolving data-intensive applications such as eVisa.

Ultra low power

High performance on lower power

Our ultra low power technology delivers benchmark efficiency for mobile and wearable contactless applications, while still maintaining robust security through dual-core CPUs; and high performance with 100 MHz-plus processors.

Coil on Module

Easy transition

Coil on Module (CoM) technology simplifies the transition from contact-based to dual-interface schemes that support contactless processing. Existing manufacturing lines can simply be used without any new capital investments.

Multiple standards

Enabling interoperability

Reflecting our strong commitment to true interoperability, we support established standards such as ISO/IEC 14443 Type A, B and C (Felica™), EMVCo and ICAO while also actively driving new contactless standards such as CIPURSE™.

Proven performance

Customers around the world trust in our contactless solutions and services. We have already delivered more than 4 billion contactless security microcontrollers for payment, identification and transport ticketing projects worldwide. Our long list of reference projects speaks for itself:

  • Infineon is the only IC company to supply key ePassport components to the world’s 5 biggest countries
  • Over 75% of all ePassport projects in APAC and 75% of all eID projects in Europe rely on Infineon
  • 5 out of 10 payment cards shipped in 2016 contain an Infineon security chip
  • Public Transport Systems in Moscov secured with an Infineon CIPURSE™ chip are ready to serve for 8 million passengers
  • HMS Ferry in Washington State realizes the first account based Transport Ticketing Project World Wide on CIPURSE™