Powering AI PSU solutions
New SiC, GaN and Si solutions from 3 kW to 12 kW and beyond

Driving decarbonization in AI server racks with highly efficient PSU solutions
Power supply solutions from 3 kW to 12 kW

AI servers and data centers continuously increase their power demand, forcing an expedited evolution of power supply design, rapidly increasing from 800 W to up to 5.5 kW with clear sight to needs reaching 12 kW and beyond. Moreover, the system efficiency requirements have risen to more than 97.5 %, coincident with increasing higher power densities (e.g., 100 W/in³) to meet form factor limitations while maintaining strict hold-up time requirements.

The combination of Infineon’s application and system expertise with input from data center operators and power supply manufacturers has resulted in developing a family of reference boards from 3 kW to 12 kW. These solutions demonstrate the capabilities and proof points of how the industry’s PSU performance requirements can be achieved with Infineon’s power semiconductor technologies.

As a leader in power semiconductors with high-performing silicon carbide MOSFET - CoolSiC, gallium nitride transistors - CoolGaN, and silicon MOSFET - CoolMOS™, these PSUs leverage the benefits of each of Infineon’s technologies to maximize performance from AC to DC, to exceed the requirement of efficiency and power density, which brings the value of sustainability of high reliability for AI servers and data center systems.

Power supply solutions from 3 kW to 12 kW