Power to the Trucks!
With Infineon’s Smart Power Switches and Gate Driver ICs

Smart Power Switches and Gate Driver ICs for the commercial, construction & agriculture vehicle (CAV) market

Join our webinar to explore the pivotal role of commercial, construction, and agriculture vehicles with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions.

Discover how the electrification and electronics of these vehicles are shaping the power distribution architecture, transitioning towards smart semiconductors and accommodating new voltage classes like 48V. Enhance your understanding of power distribution including smart power switches and gate driver ICs in commercial vehicles by joining us for this insightful webinar!


Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the effects of automotive megatrends on power distribution architecture of commercial vehicles
  • Gain insights about the benefits of Infineon’s semiconductor and how they can address the challenges of new E/E architectures
  • Find out why Infineon's gate driver ICs & smart power switches are best suited for the power grid of a commercial vehicle and help to realize intelligent and efficient systems

About the Speaker:

Susanne D’Alessandro - Senior Manager Product Management
With more than 20 years background in semiconductor business and different roles in Infineon Susanne is now excited to experience in real time the transformation from injection combustion engines to fully electrified vehicles. In her daily business as product manager for smart power switches and gate driver ICs she knows about the challenges and pain points of the customers.