Webinar - Automotive Dual Gate MOSFETs
Find out how to use the Dual Gate MOSFETs for capacitor pre-charging application and join our live webinar: Monday 29th July 9 am

Using the new Dual Gate Mosfet for capacitor pre-charging application

Monday, July 29th 9 am CEST | 3pm SGT

Join our webinar to gain insights addressing disconnect switch challenges, understanding the features and benefits of Infineon's Dual Gate MOSFET, and mastering capacitor pre-charging applications. Explore the dedicated evaluation board and acquire comprehensive knowledge of the Dual Gate product and its support material.

By the end of this webinar you should be able to:

  • Identify the challenges of today‘s disconnect switches
  • have an in-depth knowledge about the target application of capacitor pre-charging
  • Understand key features and benefits of Infineon`s Dual Gate MOSFET products including the support material


Kazi, Azharuddin 

Kazi  Azharuddin is working as the product application engineer within Infineon’s automotive MOSFET Technical marketing team located in Munich. He completed his masters in electrical systems engineering with focus towards electronic devices from Uni Paderborn after receiving his B.E in electronics engineering in Pakistan. Prior to his current position he has been working in various organizations in different domains including energy systems and communication systems.