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TRAVEO™ T2G microcontrollers family for Instrument Cluster with its new graphics architecture enables a more robust and feature-rich graphics engine for automotive display systems. The product families provide the most extensive scalability, covering the conventional gauge instrument cluster, hybrid instrument cluster, and virtual instrument cluster.

The option of line-based operation of the graphics engine within the microcontroller minimizes the memory required for graphics processing. With the optimized 2.5D graphics engine and extended density of embedded Flash and Video RAM, TRAVEO™ T2G graphic MCU can support the virtual instrument cluster with high resolution up to 2880 x 1080.

TRAVEO™ T2G Instrument Cluster family eliminates bulky energy-hungry thermo-mechanical designs with a single platform MCU solution. It further removes costs with innovative on-the-fly-based rendering in the integrated VRAM that helps in saving upto $7 in BOM cost comparing to the traditional SoCs.

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