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Infineon Technologies AG Starter Kits - XC2000 Family Microcontrollers



Price [EURO]


KIT_XC2788X_SK SAK-XC2788X-136F128L 149,- Starter Kit XC2788X
KIT_XC2768X_SK SAK-XC2768X-136F128L 149,- Starter Kit XC2768X
KIT_XC2797X_SK XC2797X-200F100L 149,- Starter Kit XC2797X
KIT_XC2787X_SK XC2787X-200F100L 149,- Starter Kit XC2787X
KIT_XC2786X_SK SAK-XC2786X-96F66L 149,- Starter Kit XC2786X
KIT_XC2766X_SK SAK-XC2766X-96F66L 149,- Starter Kit XC2766X
KIT_XC2785X_SK XC2785X-104F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2785X
KIT_XC2765X_SK XC2765X-104F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2765X
KIT_XC2764X_SK XC2764X-40F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2764X
KIT_XC2734X_SK XC2734X-40F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2734X
KIT_XC2733X_SK SAK-XC2733X-20F66L 99,- Starter Kit XC2733X
KIT_XC2722X_SK SAK-XC2722X-8F40V 99,- Starter Kit XC2722X
KIT_XC2712X_SK SAK-XC2712X-8F40R 99,- Starter Kit XC2712X
KIT_XC2365A_SK SAK-XC2365A-72F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2365A
KIT_XC2365B_SK XC2365B-40F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2365B
KIT_XC2321D_SK SAK-XC2321D-20F40V 99,- Starter Kit XC2321D
KIT_XC2388E_SK SAK-XC2388E-136F128L 149,- Starter Kit XC2388E
KIT_XC2361E_SK SAK-XC2361E-136F128L 149,- Starter Kit XC2361E
KIT_XC2331D_SK SAK-XC2331D-20F40V 99,- Starter Kit XC2331D
KIT_XC2320S_SK SAK-XC2320S-8F40V 99,- Starter Kit XC2320S
KIT_XC2310S_SK SAK-XC2310S-8F40R 99,- Starter Kit XC2310S
KIT_XC2267M_SK XC2267M-104F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2267M
KIT_XC2237M_SK XC2237M-72F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2237M
KIT_XC2238N_SK XC2238N-40F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2238N
KIT_XC2298H_SK XC2298H-200F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2298H
KIT_XC2288H_SK XC2288H-200F80L 149,- Starter Kit XC2288H
KIT_XC2289I_SK SAK-XC2289I-136F128L 149,- Starter Kit XC2289I
KIT_XC2269I_SK SAK-XC2269I-136F128L 149,- Starter Kit XC2269I
KIT_XC2234L_SK SAK-XC2234L-20F40V 99,- Starter Kit XC2234L
KIT_XC2224L_SK SAK-XC2224L-20F40V 99,- Starter Kit XC2224L
KIT_XC2220U_SK SAK-XC2220U-8F40V 99,- Starter Kit XC2220U
KIT_XC2210U_SK SAK-XC2210U-8F40R 99,- Starter Kit XC2210U
KIT_XC2300B_UCONNECT_USB XC2300B 49,- UConnect XC2300B


Infineon Technologies AG Application Kits - XC2000 Microcontrollers
Name / Type Controller Price [EURO] Description
Automotive BLDC Motor Drive Kit /
XC2238N,XC886 399,- Scalable Automotive Solution for Field Oriented Control or Block Commutation
Small Engine Starter Kit /
 XC2764,XC2733  - The Small Engine Starter Kit enables for a fast development of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for Small combustion engines. It can be used to develop ECUs for one and two cylinder combustion engines using Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) solutions.


User Manual

Title Size Date Version
1.6 MB 16 Mar 2011 01_05

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
2.9 MB 15 Mar 2016 03_05

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