Importance of partnerships in enabling end-to-end ToF solutions

The REAL3™ image sensors based on the Infineon Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology provide exceptionally advanced solutions for depth-sensing. Extending our capabilities, together with our partners, we make it possible for our joint customers to choose according to their needs from the entire portfolio of Infineon products and the partners’ solutions, all with the highest quality.

Our global Time-of-Flight partner network offers a well-rounded solution bundle, providing efficient, and world-leading software and services. The user experience is revolutionized through outstanding performance in 3D computational photography and augmented reality. Being it robotics services such as warehouse and delivery robots, social and entertainment robots, collaborative robots; automation, security and monitoring systems, or personal consumer electronics like smartphones or laptops, these imagers bring a third dimension to:

  • biometric identification,
  • 3D scanning,
  • hand gesture recognition,
  • body tracking,
  • automotive applications,
  • sensing capabilities such as secure navigation and obstacle collision avoidance, among other functions.

Our partners play a crucial role in enriching and improving our portfolio and fulfilling customer expectations easily and quickly addressing their R&D needs. The most significant advantage of these symbiotic partnerships is that all of our partners’ solutions fit seamlessly in the portfolio. They ensure superior and expert sensing performance while reducing development effort and time to market.