Electric power transmission, distribution and storage

The increasing power consumption and higher industry standards demand an optimized energy flow

Imagine you want to get home quickly through rush-hour traffic but it doesn’t work out: roads are congested, the navigation system doesn’t work, the commuter train is late. The rush-hour traffic is a metaphor for the challenges how to carry electric power stable and secure to homes and plants. Flexibility and reliability are key features for effective transmission and distribution systems. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that electricity transmission and distribution losses equaled about 5% of the electricity transmitted and distributed in the United States from 2016 through 2020.

Especially in regions where power production sites are located far from the epicenters of energy consumption, stability and the reduction of energy losses play an essential role. Infineon enables suitable and stable power transmission over long distances and distribution systems for short distances. Both are essential to balance the system of energy supply and demand without losses.

How Infineon semiconductors enable efficient energy flow and stable supply at reduced losses

Managing the transition to renewable energies

For energy generation from natural resources, such as wind or sun, intelligent energy storage systems are on their way to becoming the backbone of the new energy era. They are essential to further deploy decentral and renewable energy generation and eventually support the decarbonization of various industries.

Infineon’s expertise in power generation, transmission and battery management supports the further development of energy storage solutions in terms of efficiency, performance and innovation. Key drivers for energy storage are the decentralization of power generation, peak shaving of energy generation and consumption. Limited capacity, the flexibility of today’s grids as well as the reduction of standby costs for fossil power plants are further factors for the success of storage systems. Infineon solutions address these challenges successfully and enable advanced energy storage solutions.

Energy storage systems

Transmission and distribution overview

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