Smart Entrance Counter Solution
enabled by our XENSIV™ 60GHz radar sensor

Smart entrance counter solution with XENSIV™ 60GHz radar sensor

With Infineon XENSIV™ 60GHz radar inside, Infineon’s smart entrance counter provides a solution to counting the number of people who enter and leave a location. Whether it’s a restaurant, a store, theatre, or a meeting room, this solutions primary capability is to count the number of people entering and leaving.

The solution uses XENSIV™  60GHz radar to accurately count the number of personnel entering and leaving through access points. By counting the number of people inside your location you can limit the chance of overcrowding.

In addition to providing a traffic light system at the entrance, you can connect to the cloud and provide your customers with a GUI (Graphical User interface) that they can check to see how busy your location is, and enable them to choose a time where its more suitable to come.             

More than just hardware, Infineon provides the software algorithm that works alongside the radar.


Watch video - Why do radar-based entrance counters make sense?

Understanding the human traffic flow into premises has always been essential to business. But in delicate situations crowd management technology can become a quick and efficient solution to contain the spread of infections. That's why we developed a reliable smart entrance solution. With our radar sensor, counting people becomes fully automated. The system is contactless and anonymous because it only recognizes objects. By connecting multiple units to one system, we can distribute customers and staff more efficiently according to real-time data. Those insights can also inform us about the availability of specific units or just help us avoid crowded areas. Open the doors toward a better and safer future with smart entrance solutions.

Simple example of how smart entrance counter works

Discreetly positioned radar (illustrated below connected to display screen) enables a traffic light system giving the approaching user a visual aid to proceed or stop. Smart algorithm counts people arriving and leaving, to enable programing to show red/stop when capacity is reached.

Fig 1. With radar mounted on the side of entrance

Fig 2. With radar mounted on the ceiling of entrance

Overall ecosystem

Illustration of overall ecosystem in which the smart entrance counter solution is connected to customer hardware, such as cloud and associated displays/devices.

Important note: the smart entrance counter solution is supplied with entrance counter software


15mm x 20mm detachable form factor board with 60 GHz radar


Other use cases

People counting in airports & exhibitions

Control gate access, and limit number of people in one area. 

People counting in retail & restaurants

Restricting and limiting number of visitors to acceptable volumes, understanding customer behaviour, managing staffing levels.

People counting in shopping malls

Understand your business further. Staff levels according to peak times. Communicate to customers good times to come shopping.

People counting in office environments

Show when space in conference rooms is available. Show when bathrooms are empty/available.

People counting supporting health and safety

Such as restricting Covid-19 spread by limiting people entering your locations.