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Coolest dimming solution 0-10V



The compact and highly integrated CDM10V dimming interface IC allows designers to replace many of the discrete components used in conventional 0–10V dimming schemes with a single device. Analog 0–10V to digital PWM converter for dimming Infineon’s CDM10V is the industry’s first single-chip lighting interface IC dedicated for lighting applications capable of transforming an analog 0–10V input into a PWM or dimming input signal required by a lighting controller IC.


The signal is delivered in the form of a 5mA optocoupler-ready 0 to 100% PWM output. One-time configuration of key parameters such as minimum duty cycle (1 to 10%), PWM output frequency (200Hz to 2kHz), dimmer/resistor bias current (50µA to 500µA) and “dim-to-off” functionality allows the CDM10V to be used across a variety of different commercial and industrial LED lighting applications. Furthermore, with “dim-to-off” enabled the IC also provides the option of accepting PWM input signals.

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7. 0-10V Dimming Interface IC

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0-10V Dimming Interface IC
5.0 mA
5.45 mA
11.0 V
Analog or digital

Data Sheet

Title Size Date Version
1.2 MB 20 Feb 2017 01_03

Product Selection Guide

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22.2 MB 21 Feb 2017 00_00

Product Brief

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386 KB 26 Apr 2016 01_00

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
REF-XDPL8220-U30W LED Driver & Ballast Controller, MOSFET Efficient and flickerfree reference circuit designfor (XDPL8220) with high power factor and low THD.It is built for universal input voltage (90V-305V) and for 30W output power. It implements a dual stage PFC, Flyback topology.
  • CDM10V
  • CoolMOS CE
  • CoolMOS P7
  • XDPL8220
active and preferred
REF-ICL8105-CDM10V LED Driver & Ballast Controller 40W LED driver reference design with isolated 0 – 10V dimming interface using the XDP™ ICL8105 digital flyback controller, the CDM10V dimming IC and 800V CoolMOS™ CE
    COOLDIM_PRG_BOARD LED Driver & Ballast Controller Configuration Board for CDM10V

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