Advance your robots with technology and insight

The robotics sector is booming, creating a wealth of new opportunities in manufacturing, logistics and beyond. Today’s robots are able to identify and navigate their surroundings, work alongside humans and teach themselves the skills required to complete a new task. Though they are capable of doing more and more, robots are becoming easier and easier to operate. Outside the boundaries of their traditional workplace behind a safety fence, these robots are assisting in and enhancing a host of new and conventional applications.

All this wouldn’t be possible without semiconductor solutions. Whether in an industrial robot, a cobot or an automated guided vehicle (AGV), intelligent semiconductors are the key enabler for all major robotic functions, from sensing and motion control to functional safety to security.

Our experience, your benefits

As both a leading supplier of robotic components and an advanced user of robots in our own fabs, we at Infineon have carved out a unique position on the market. Drawing on our insight into all facets of the robotics field, and with a comprehensive portfolio of power products and sensors on offer, we are able to provide reliable system solutions that address the latest trends in robotics, and add value to nearly every robot design.

This translates into direct benefits for our customers. For instance, when you choose Infineon’s high-quality components and solutions, you can be certain they will work together seamlessly and error free. Furthermore, our ready-to-use robotic hardware building blocks let you bring a project to market quickly by reducing the effort required of you and your team. The valuable time you save on hardware can be spent developing algorithms to differentiate from competitors.

Profit from a one-stop robotics shop

Whether you need a power supply, motor drives, sensors or customized safety and security solutions, Infineon is your one-stop shop for all robotic applications. In our comprehensive portfolio of leading semiconductor solutions, we provide everything you need to leverage the full potential of any robotic system. Our well-thought-out products, combined with our deep know-how and proven experience, enable you to take your robotics project to the next level. Depending on an application’s specifications, you can use our offering to easily reduce the control box size and implement reliable safety management measures. Our components and solutions also facilitate the highest degree of integration in your design and help secure a business’ future. In plain terms, we ensure your robotic systems always stay one step ahead.

How our offering enhances your project:

Ready-to-use solutions for the latest robotics trends

No matter the precise robotics application, at Infineon you’ll find ready-to-use semiconductor solutions that cover all major robotic trends. This includes power management, motor control, security, communication, environmental sensing, and position and condition sensing.

Focus on what really counts

The success of a robotics project often hinges on the availability and scalability of the semiconductor solutions required. At our manufacturing sites, we produce flexibly to your specifications while always upholding the highest quality standards. Collaborate with us to benefit from our unique capabilities, outstanding robotics expertise and dedicated application support.


Accelerating the pace of innovation in industrial robotics

KEWAZO teamed up with Infineon to develop the world’s first on-site construction robot. The KEWAZO scaffolding robot eliminates personal safety risks, realizes significant savings on labor costs and accelerates assembly by 40% or more. Infineon ready-to-use electronic components realize todays robot functions: controllers, power switches, gate drivers, sensors and security. Due to the Infineon ready-to-use building blocks the KEWAZO robot was electronically functional in less than 6 weeks.

Robotics – a market with huge potential

Robotics as a field is currently undergoing radical change due to a wide range of technological advances in the era of Industry 4.0. Today, a new generation of lightweight robots fitted with smart sensors enables humans and machines to collaborate closely and safely. Day by day, robots are improving their abilities to teach themselves new skills by using deep learning technologies, without any programming required during operation. A major advantage of self-learning robots is they can be deployed quickly to complete a wide variety of tasks. Smart robots that are connected to a greater network can benefit from big data and collective learning. But to do so, they need advanced sensors to gather relevant data. The robots use this information to stay constantly up to date about their operational state and the working conditions in their environment.

Ready-to-use robot systems are another trend in the robotics market. These systems are attractive because they can be commissioned and deployed quickly and easily without time-consuming programming. In parallel, robots are becoming more and more mobile: AGVs are today a key part of flexible production. What’s more, AGVs have demonstrated enormous potential to bring flexibility and efficiency to sectors outside of conventional fabs, including in e-commerce automation and logistics.

Capable of new skills, robots long ago left the grounds of production sites to serve as farmhands, surgical assistants and domestic everyday helpers. Today, innovative start-ups are working on new service robots for use in professional applications, and in our homes and everyday lives.  In the near and distant future, semiconductor solutions will continue to serve as the key enabler for wide range of robotic functions and applications.

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