Automotive Quality

Dependable electronics based on quality

Automotive quality beyond the standards with a zero defect mindset

The complexity and functionalities of vehicles will continue to grow, thus driving the need for dependable electronics with quality being one of its key ingredients. We are convinced that our passion in quality creates a product portfolio that meets the high-quality requirements and leads to highly reliable and robust products.


How Infineon differentiates as a quality leader:

  1. Our goal is to go beyond standards to better fit real application requirements: from intensive screening methods to detect production defects, to advanced AEC Q100/101 tests where required, to sub 1dpm validation to achieve low dpm rates.
  2. Our track record of achievements, such as multiple quality awards from our customers Toyota (Honor Quality Award in 2020) & Continental (Supplier of the year in 2019) prove that we consistently achieved outstanding quality targets in the automotive industry.
  3. Infineon offers the highest customer service, which includes a regional network of failure analysis labs and strong localized competencies, technical trainings and regional quality analysis lab capabilities with state of the art failure analysis.
  4. Meeting customer needs through best-in-class product requirements, design, manufacturing and testing: We integrate quality criteria in the development processes (e.g. RDDF), Design rules (e.g. ADeGo), materials, large manufacturing processes and process controls, proprietary testing and screening methods.


Infineon´s Zero defect mentality is built upon:

  • We produce 24/7/365 at sub dpm level: translated into a year's timeline: we deliver Zero
  • Defect for all but the last 3 seconds of a year
  • We deliver sub ppm quality levels
  • 90% of our products are already Zero Defect

We go beyond the standards to better fit the real application requirements





  • Understand Infineon’s purpose in delivering quality above and beyond the standard and find out how we execute that standard in development, qualification, manufacturing and testing
  • Learn where and how this high-quality standard is reflected and discover our success stories

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Going above and beyond
  • Get to know Infineon’s Zero Defect approach and how Infineon goes beyond the requirements when it comes to automotive MOSFET qualification
  • Be familiar with both dimensions of Infineon’s Zero Defect approach, which aim at extending product lifetimes and reducing the number of random failures, by exploring each one in detail

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Infineon transceivers proven automotive quality

Identify the three pillars upon which Infineon quality is based and recognize the main focus points of Infineon’s transceiver quality program.

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