OPTIREG™ Automotive Power Supply IC

Optimized voltage regulation

As the market leader in power semiconductor solutions for automotive applications, we created the OPTIREG™ Power Supply IC portfolio to meet today’s and tomorrow’s design challenges. This OPTIREG™ family is the broadest dedicated power IC portfolio for automotive applications currently available in the market.


With the broadest portfolio in the market, OPTIREG™ offers the perfect fit for every design challenge, scaling from discrete to fully integrated system solutions (supplying  sensors, microcontrollers, actuators and network ICs). Giving customers unprecedented choice, OPTIREG™ covers everything from linear voltage regulators to DC-DCs and power management ICs; from tiny (TSNP) to thermally optimized (D2PAK) packages; and power ranges from 25mA to several amps.

OPTIREG™ Automotive Power Supply ICs are benchmark in quality

OPTIREG™ system understanding and technology leadership for your system integrity Building on our deep-rooted automotive system understanding, it bundles our technology leadership in automotive power semiconductors with our pioneering track record in automotive power supplies.

 OPTIREG™ outstanding quality guarding highly stable power supply of your system Reflecting our award-winning zero-defect product concept, OPTIREG™ delivers outstanding robustness and benchmark quality. Customers have the added reassurance that OPTIREG™ even exceeds automotive stability and system integrity demands thanks to enhanced testing and benchmark defect rates.

 OPTIREG™ manufacturing excellence for your business continuity and long term product lifecycle management In addition to an innovative lead, OPTIREG™ also gives customers peace of mind as it assures business continuity and long-term product lifecycle management. OPTIREG™ promises customers robust security of supply – enabled by our dedicated frontend and backend in-house manufacturing facilities and our strong commitment to manufacturing excellence.