Welcome to Infineon Toolbox

Thank you for using Infineon Toolbox which is now available online and offline to get started easier and finish your project faster

  • NEW! Toolbox Launcher: Use our new Infineon Toolbox Launcher to manage all your Infineon tools. (IMPORTANT: Infineon Toolbox Launcher installations older than version 2021.1.0 need to get updated manually)
  • Toolbox Online: Discover and use all Infineon online & offline tools + Use your project space to ease the evaluation of your boards.


Please follow these steps to install the Toolbox offline launcher.

Optional step: Backup Toolbox Launcher (< 2021.1.0)

Mountain View
Mountain View

Step 2: Launch and discover tools

Mountain View

System Requirements

  1. Infineon Toolbox is compatible with Windows 7 or later.
  2. A recent multi-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and at least 200 MB of disk space are recommend. Installation and usage of tools will require additional disk space and RAM.
  3. An Internet connection allowing HTTPS connections is required to install and update tools.
Get the latest version here:


Download Old Infineon Toolbox Launcher