Infineon® Eco Block
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Infineon® Eco Block

Be BEST IN CLASS with our Ecoline in solder bond technology

With the release of the 34 mm and 50 mm Eco Block modules in solder bond technology Infineon Technologies Bipolar complemented the existing product portfolio of bipolar modules. Infineon® Eco Blocks are ideal for applications where the high robustness of pressure contact technology is not necessarily a must. Typical applications are drives, power supplies and soft starters.

Benefit from our improved terminal design for symmetric current sharing and the 100% x-ray monitoring of solder process which leads to predictably high performance and lifetime. With our second generation for 34 mm you will get increased current ratings (up to 240 A).

The modules are offered as dual modules in topologies thyristor/thyristor, thyristor/diode & diode/diode with blocking voltages of 1600 V and in current ranges from 60 A to 130 A for 20 mm from 160 A to 240 A for 34 mm and from 280 A to 390 A for 50 mm.

The 34 mm and 50 mm thyristor/thyristor and thyristor/diode modules are also available in 1800 V – additionally to the 1600 V portfolio. As rectifier diode modules you will get them as well in 1800 V, 2000 V and 2200 V for high production volumes.

On request we offer TT320N16SOF and TD320N16SOF with pre-applied silicone-free Thermal Interface Material (TIM). The optimized pattern of this reversible phase change material results in a stable thermal performance over life time which increases reliability and lifetime of your system.

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