Integrity Guard digital security technology
Integrity Guard bundles several highly sophisticated digital security mechanisms that combine to cover a broad spectrum of potential attacks.

Integrity Guard – simplifying hardware-based security without compromising on performance and reliability

A security chip must be able to store security-critical data – for example keys, personal data and biometric information – and to protect the system across the entire product lifetime, regardless of the application.

Consequently, Infineon’s Integrity Guard security architecture matches highest protection standards and effortless lasting security. Integrity Guard was inspired by the information storage and processing capabilities of living cells with their double helix. Every human cell must be able to safely store and process genetic information. So Infineon engineers decided to adapt one of nature’s most successful blueprints to design the Integrity Guard security technology.

For almost two decades, Infineon has developed, qualified and ramped already three product families with a variety of products featuring an Integrity Guard security concept. With the latest launch of the TEGRION™ security controller family, Infineon is moving to the next level.

Our outstanding Integrity Guard 32 hardware security architecture greatly streamlines application development. It enables designers to build in the security critical to the success of todays and tomorrow’s connected applications. Integrity Guard 32 delivers this robust security without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Featuring Infineon’s enhanced Integrity Guard 32: New controller family TEGRION™ sets the standard for security, efficiency, performance and ease of implementation

TEGRION™ features Infineon’s unique Integrity Guard 32 hardware security architecture, which greatly simplifies application development. It allows design-for-security conditions that are critical to sustainable success of todays and tomorrows connected applications. Integrity Guard 32 enables higher levels of security without compromising on performance and reliability. It is based on a holistic approach that integrates the system’s processing core, on-chip memories, buses, caches, crypto accelerators and peripheral interfaces into a comprehensive security architecture.

Highly effective error detection/correction codes and a self-checking dual-CPU core protect the system. Power-efficient crypto accelerators enable fast data encryption and digital signatures and other crypto operations while protecting the system from side-channel, fault induction and physical attacks. Integrity Guard 32 pushes the boundaries of hardware security forward, while reducing the total cost of ownership over the entire product lifecycle, thus enabling easier application development with significantly less efforts for protection measures in software.

Future-proof security successfully deployed in the market for many years now