Technology is part of the solutions for the world’s challenges. Let's talk about it.

Welcome to the tech for-event series – hosted by Infineon Technologies.
This global networking platform brings thought leaders and industry experts together for a series of solution-driven discussions addressing the burning issues of our time. The aim of the tech for series is to inspire real change – to the benefit of our planet, our society, and future generations.

Given the crucial role that technology plays in almost all areas of modern life, tech for explores the potential of technological innovations and breakthroughs in helping to solve many of the pressing challenges facing the world today, such as climate change or resource scarcity. That’s why we see a need to talk about tech for our future and tech for all of us.

Each event is devoted to a specific topical issue. All panel discussions have been recorded. Click on the highlightboxes below to browse past events and mark your calendar for upcoming dates.

We look forward to sharing inspirations at tech for.

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