Mobile World Congress 2020


With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona, the GSMA has cancelled MWC Barcelona 2020.


There is no doubt that the IoT and big data revolution are creating huge opportunities for growth and value creation – both for private individuals and for companies. At Mobile World Congress 2020, we invite you to explore how our solutions are enabling these opportunities. In particular, we will be showing how we are connecting the real and the digital world by bringing human-like senses to everything from smart devices and home appliances to robots, industrial machines and building automation systems.

Intuitively sensing the world

This contextual awareness allows things to finally detect and understand their surroundings and to respond to human gestures and voice commands like never before. This is paving the way for more intuitive experiences for users on the one hand, and for more process efficiency for industry on the other.

No security, no connectivity

Always-on data points in connected factories, homes, cars and cities are constantly streaming information to networks and to the cloud. All of this connectivity is focusing attention on the importance of cybersecurity – in the industrial public and private space. Security is the key to protecting user privacy and industry IP, safeguarding device and data integrity, maintaining service availability and running reliable big data analyses. At MWC20, we will be giving you exciting insights into how we are supporting the development of protected IoT and big data applications to meet these needs.

Discover our highlights at MWC20