Matter: The bridge connecting different products, protocols and ecosystems

As the number of smart home devices increases, the interoperability between the different products, ecosystems and protocols gets messier. Matter 1.3 specification solves this dilemma. Created by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, this one, royalty-free standard, has been created for device makers to follow for many smart home applications. Infineon Technologies, CSA, along with 280+ companies, including Google and Amazon, are pioneering this game-changing Matter standard to make ease-of-use, interoperability, security and sustainability a reality in the smart home.

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Getting started with Matter over Wi-Fi on PSoC™ 6 MCUs in ModusToolbox™

Find out how to create and use the Matter Lock device using PSoC™ 6 with AIROC™ CYW43xxx. This application note is intended for users who want to start Matter device development.

What consumers can expect of the new Matter standard

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